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Converse - Ageless Sneakers

  14. 01. 2016      Different TV CZ / SK

With the New Year, the Different team has not only new ideas, more power and energy to give joy in the form of the most beautiful pieces, but also new brands on board Different, with which this effort goes even better. :) One such brand is the legendary American brand Converse . We do not believe you would not know this brand, but you can still read about its history at modniznacky.cz.

Today, however, we will focus on the latest part of our Different TV , which is about Converse 's elderly sneakers . In the video you can find a variety of models of these sneakers, plus a bonus in the form of a great addition to trips or exercises.

First of all, the most classic form of sneakers , which is undoubtedly an ankle model in cloth, can not be missed. This shoe now has countless people around the world, and you should not be an exception. ;) Not only because they are perfect, stylish and ageless , but also because they fit on almost every occasion.

If you like modern classical upgrades , we have the right one for you. ;) The classic cloth alternates with a leather version with which you can go with peace and rain. Additionally, it is adorned at the ankle and an interesting strap.

We do not even forget the winter season, and for those who just do not want to give up American fatigues even in the cold, we have the amazing, warm form of traditional Converse sneakers . You 'll appreciate the fur inside the shoe .

Finally there is also a stylish tip for the add-on. For the sneakers you can also buy the Converse sports bag , which is decorated with "All Star" as well as the sneakers themselves.

Published by: Differenta Team

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