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Converse - a sneaker that fits the world

  08. 12. 2015      From the fashion world

A legend embarked aboard our yacht named Different . And we appreciate the legend and proudly want to introduce it to us (even though we believe it is not really needed). The Converse brand has already been around the world . And it's obvious to us that countless people have been in love for that long period of time. Let's take a look at how legendary sneakers originated.

It all began in the US back in 1908, when MARQUIS MILLS CONVERSE branded Converse, which was originally intended to produce footwear for ordinary people . It was not until 1917 that the idea of ​​sports shoes and the All Star brand was born along with the famous basketball player Chuck Taylor. The production of sports shoes started at full speed, at the time, the sneakers became the most popular shoe. Learn more about the Converse brand .

Converse's sneakers have become a symbol of the "rebels" of the era, and so this shoe became http://modniznacky.cz/converse/ hippies (60s) and later punks (70s). Everyone can customize their sneakers according to their pleasure , creating sneakers with patches, decorations and patterns.

Today you can choose from plenty of styles, height, materials, colors and motifs. It is up to you to choose classic white cloth sneakers or go into extravagant models. Converse, of course, thanks to boom, Converse has not only stayed at the shoes, so you can buy clothes or accessories from Converse, but it still has its charm of the era in which the brand was created.

We are excited to be able to present this legendary brand and offer it at our eshop at this moment. We believe that Converse is not just our heartbeat, but also yours. <3

Published by: Differenta Team

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