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Color Trends of Autumn 2018

  12. 11. 2018      From the fashion world

The autumn has definitely beaten us with its breathtaking colors, and therefore our wardrobe and shoe caregiver are also extremely excited. If you are one of those who wear your summer dress and fresh colors on the bottom of the cabinets and the wardrobe is filled with gray, black and brown, we have a bad news for you. Fashion trends want to see us shine in colors. So if you prefer to wear universal bits, do not be afraid to revive them with at least colorful accessories.

And because they are still nice and we have the "summer" season, we do not have to take a summer dress, we can dress them with stockings, leggings or jeans, dress them with furskins or ankle boots, stretch a wig or a long cardigan and continue The Desigual collection is a must-see proof of this Desigual collection, and you should not miss such a Desigual ladies dress in your wardrobe, unless you still fall in trendy floral or animal patterns, so pull it out if you have a leopard in the closet.

As far as colors are concerned, the queen of autumn is an orange color that is directly related to autumn nature. Behind her is the color of mustard. These lively colors, reminiscent of autumn oak leaves, will brighten you and revive boring fashionable streets. A mustache coat or an orange jacket will be the absolute cup in your wardrobe. Feeling more like uniform black, gray, or dark blue, you can revitalize your autumn outfit with Calvin Klein's mustard cap .

The Pantone Color Institute chooses every year color trends for the whole year. For the year 2018 it became a color numero uno violet or ultra violet . You might be surprised, but the purple color does not stand out just next to yellow, mustard or orange. Other top colors of autumn are pink or gray pink.

Absolute trend this year is also COLORBLOCK. Under this concept you can imagine a combination of bright colors such as pink with orange or green, yellow with blue or red with kerosene. In short, good imagination does not fall in the colors of the limit even in autumn. Our recommendation is: Be creative, do not worry. Get out of the crowd. Be different.

Published by: Differenta Team

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