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Children's winter shoes

  28. 12. 2018      From the fashion world

How to keep warm, every child's foot? This is what the parents of all the branches know about ... shoes that would be warm, durable and comfortable for kids running around on weekdays, but also walking in snow or streets full of melted slippers. We are for you! So for your kids.

Children's boots of three world-famous brands that will warm up and last! You will never have to worry about whether your baby does not have cold fingers at his feet, whether he is slipping on the ice or if he does not wet his shoes to his socks.


Children's Crocs shoes

For pleasure in snow drifts like done! The "Crocsy" has an anti-slip sole, an anatomically shaped insole and a comfortable thermal insulation. In addition, they are provided with a lace, which can be tightened or allowed as desired. Last but not least, it's easy to wash them.


Converse Childrens Shoes

The Converse winter boots are ideal for small toy and great looking boys . The design is ankle and leather, there is an internal insulation or an iconic logo outside the boots. For girls, this type is also in pink color.


Children's shoes EMU Australia

Absolutely the first among the boots for both large and small. Non -slip shoe- shaped roller shoes are made of genuine sheepskin leather and heated with sheepskin or wool inside . In addition, the Emu is waterproof, so the snow breeze or rain showers will not be a problem, the shoes and legs will remain dry.


Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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