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Children love Desigual

  16. 11. 2016      From the fashion world

Are you a mum who, over the past, depended on buying stylish outfits for herself to overcome her obsession with fashionable pieces for her sprig? Then you read right or you will curse us that you have ever read ...

Each of us knows that it's mostly just a few months. The child is growing at the speed of lightning, so all the clothes we love his wardrobe (which is cracked twice more than our wardrobe and the other three buddies together) simply have no chance or weary. Who would resist that? :-) Cute cloths in miniature sizes and original design - it must have your nigger to see people look good! So, try, inspire and do not try to withstand the desigual collection for the fall / winter 2016.

The smallest of them may have no reason, but it is not the reason why they are debilitating and not dressed in leggings or sweatshirts, in which they will not only be comfortable, but will surely be praised by everyone (or you who have chosen them).

Children's leggings Desigual

Do you have a bigger rabbit or a future fashion icon that you no longer store in your stroller? Even the Desigual brand thinks every season. Some men do not move from fashion to fashion (bad, not?)), Colorful and original outfits for Desigual boys love the boys! It gets them in their play and in this collection as well as "skateboard" style.

Desigual hoodie

Do you have a little princess, a model, just how is she going to be? Then they should not miss these pieces with golden accessories, sequins and frills. This is an outfit for small stars as done.

Desigual Girl Dress

Also new are the two-sided Desigual for kids! Your robot is dirty, and you do not have spare clothes - you just turn your sweatshirts and the fun can go on.

Desigual Girls Sweatshirt

We hope that the new collection of children's clothes Desigual captivates us just like us, so we are not alone ... We know very well that even if the kids like to laugh, they climb their knees, trees, sandpits, their clothes fall , ice cream, chocolate, or falling in oneself, in no mother (and sometimes father) it will not stop the desire to dress them up in the latest fashion trends. :-)

Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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