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Celebrate International Underwear Day with us

  06. 04. 2020      From the fashion world

Pay homage to us with tiny pieces in our dresser, without which most of us wouldn't even go out. We are talking about underwear, which was given April 3 - International Day of Underwear . And what does this mean for you (you)? Tempting news. Interesting events. Bargain discounts.

In world capitals, for example, on this day, you can see annual underwear marches. And because we do not yet plan for you, we will make you happy after ours. We will get you new models of world brands and irresistible discounts that are always worth it. So, if you have been thinking about adding some new underwear to your wardrobe for some Friday, this is the right day. Catch success!

Underwear is the first thing you touch in the morning when you dress. It should not only be seen as a practical piece of clothing, it should be a joy . You should like it and who you show it to. It may not, but may be subject to the latest trends. It can be classic, but also non-traditional. Hidden, even admitted. It is up to you, how you perceive it, how you feel and how comfortable you are.

Are you impressed by the iconic Calvin Klein models with logos or rather unprecedented designs by Tommy Hilfiger ? Both of these fashion phenomena offer popular classics as well as colors or cuts that will make every dresser come alive. And because comfort plays a major role in underwear, you will feel comfortable in every model.
But if you like to dare, try playful Slippsy shorts   and Styx , you will surely enjoy home comfort to the fullest and in addition, you can align with your loved one. These two brands offer models of the same design for men and women.


Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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