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Calvin Klein - Underwear, which is the absolute hit of this season

  01. 11. 2016      From the fashion world

Absolute bestseller of this year is definitely Calvin Klein underwear. This is especially true of social networks, where you tag your photos just under the laundry under the MyCalvins hashtage. And no wonder. Calvin Klein 's underwear is not only stylish but also quality and comfortable. Let's look at what bits it is.

The absolute top piece is this bra, called Bralette Lift , which has lightly reinforced cups and comfortable material. The bottom part is lined with a soft rubber with a logo and a thin shoulder strap across the back. This bra is so nice to check on occasion if you did not forget it in the dresser this morning. It looks perfect in combination with the same colored bottom.

We love the fact that the tendency of the chest is blown up lately, and women are more concerned about the nature and comfort, so instead of the extra push-up you will have a lot of sports lambadas. This Cal Brass sports bra does not have a reinforcement. the perfect shape, and when you remove your t-shirt and jeans at home and just stretch your tracksuits, you will not be home-made.

This set of underwear by Calvin Klein is a beautiful cut. The bra is elegant, the panties are sexy and the material is extremely satisfying. In short, you will fall in love with this combination as soon as you dress it. Pleasant and delicate material and the variety of straps on the bra is just an imaginary icing on the cake. And Calvin Klein's panties as hell.

The last "bottom outfit" that we want to introduce is "voila" this pink version of the seamless underwear in the extended cut at the top. This set of ladies, you do not really feel comfortable, especially in the Christmas season, when candies and cuts are going through all the time, and everything squeezes, scratches and shakes you. So in this set definitely not. Or Calvin Klein's only Christmas. Or Calvin Klein under the tree? This is a gift for women as done, what do you say ...;)

What is your head now? We only have the Calvin Klein brand really distinguished. Not just that the "Basic" collection surpassed our expectations, but the current one is simply unmatched, so we all love it so you can come with us and be different ...;)

And if you want to know more, check out the video.

Published by: Differenta Team

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