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Butterfly Twists - Shoes with wit

  13. 10. 2016      From the fashion world

Butterfly Twists features original folding shoes designed for every active lady regardless of age. The brand offers all possible types of ballet shoes, flip-flops, boots or sneakers. In addition, ballerinas can be assembled to the minimum dimensions, which, in addition to regular wearing shoes, become the portable necessity of all women who love high heels, but occasionally they need to rest.

Every fashion brand has its own history, and Butterfly Twists is no exception. It all started in 2007 , when four friends Emmanuel Eribo, Frank Eribo, Mark Quaradeghini and Philippe Homs decided to create imaginative shoes after one of them had tried the inconvenience of the high boots on their own. The gentlemen bet that the loser must spend the night on needle heels, so in 2009 the Butterfly Twists brand was born, which became very popular in a short time. Gentlemen have come up with the idea that high needle shoes are really uncomfortable, and so every woman should wear the comfortable backing. And to make it practical, they designed designer ballerinas that can be put into the bag.

In addition to everyday wear, Butterfly Twists are also suitable for traveling, office or social events. Besides ballerinas , it offers other types. The shoes are amazingly comfortable, made of high quality materials and especially stylishly sophisticated or different. However, judge yourself.

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