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  02. 08. 2017      Different TV CZ / SK


It's hard to look for more versatile and comfortable summer holiday shoes than just stylish Crocsy. So many original models and designs that you will not be able to choose which ones to take with you and leave them at home! The current Spring / Summer 2017 collection is just for eating ...

The benefits of Crocs have certainly been heard countless times, but repetition is the mother of wisdom, so listen well (read). The shoes are beautifully lullaby and pleasant materials, so legs will not hurt you even after long trips by resort. The insole is additionally orthopedic, your doctor will be happy! :)

Have you always dreamed of having more boots in your favorite design? Your dreams are just happening! The designs of this collection pass through different models! :) Ach! So the current hit, light flip-flops on a higher platform (about 3.5 cm), invites you to this!

Metallic elements or fine decorative stones? Crocs has both! He was inspired by the most up-to-date fashion trends and applied them to his shoes. You will fall in love!

Does he blame you when something goes wrong? So we are terrible. Fortunately, the Crocs boots are cast from one piece, so there's no such thing. Why did not anyone think it before? ...

Do not be afraid to step into the mud! Crocsy is almost maintenance-free, if possible dirt is only to be dipped with a damp cloth (soaked in soapy water) and dirt is gone! It sounds like teleshopping, but it really is so easy.

Watch Crocsy in great heat, temperatures above 50 ° C could damage them. Before you go to the sea, put the shoes in the shade and do not leave them in direct sunshine;)


Published by: Radek Vandra

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