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All-Star Culito from Spain! A New Collection Autumn / Winter 2019 is here.

  05. 09. 2019      From the fashion world

Just like on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, celebrities known and loved by people all around the world came also to our e-shop. The brand Culito from Spain named the models from the new collection autumn / winter 2019 after famous singers, who amaze everyone with their beauty, originality and sensuality as well as the dresses, t-shirts or sweatshirts by this brand do. Do you want to experience the feeling of a star standing on the stage, seeing all the looks of admiration and hearing applause? Then go out in a Culito from Spain dress and the whole world will be at your feet.


Try, for example, a dress named after a British beauty with amazing voice - Adele. Charismatic, distinctive and gorgeously looking, just like her. This Culito dress will fit every body shape and suit blonde, brunette and also readhead women. It has a looser cut and and its glittering hems make it look even more interesting, since they glitter like a Golden Globe or an Oscar. 

šaty Culito from Spain

A non rebel dress with a name of a rebel. Amy Winehouse may seem a bit problem to some of us, but the dress named after her definitely isn't like that. Its cut will fit you like a second skin, the colour combination is decent but also imaginative and an impressive cutaway is just icing on this fashion cake. In this model you definitely won't feel ashamed. 

šaty Culito

You can put on a dress named even after the hot JLo, iconic Madonna, Spanish Eva Amaral or a representative of white soul Janis Joplin. Singers amaze their fans with their talent, voice and also personal charm. The Culito from Spain clothes will amaze you and people around you with chic cuts, atypical colourful combinations and noticeable details.

Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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