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BOBBLE- Stylish Water Bottle Filters - 48.díl - DIFFERENTTV.CZ

  19. 01. 2015      Different TV CZ / SK

Bobble are very stylish filter bottles. Pour plain withering water into them and the bottle will filter it straight through the carbon filter. You will always drink only healthy and clean tap water. You can fill the bottle up to 300x, and then just replace the carbon filter with a new one and go further.

The world consumes a huge amount of plastic just for water bottles. By using Bobble bottles, you save the environment. In addition, tap water is often better than water bottled and bottled with Bobble Bottle

Bobble Filtration Bottles with carbon filter buy at the official Czech e-shop: http://www.differentfashion.cz/en/93-bobble

Bobble bottles are eco-friendly. Save your body from harmful substances and do something for the environment!

Published by: Team Different

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