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Black Friday 2019

  29. 01. 2019      From the fashion world

What is Black Friday, why do you have to buy during this "holiday", how did it all start and when this Black Friday is going to be? This is what you will learn in this article. you are already circulating in the diary, and Black Friday is the holiday of all shopaholics.

Black Friday

What is Black Friday?

It's easy to say that Black Friday is launching a pre-Christmas shopping fever when a sale and discount period begins in both online and offline stores. Blank shelves, brawls and mileage queues. It looks so much in the US and Canada. Black Friday originated in the United States of America. It is always the day after Thanksgiving, the fourth Friday in November. This Black Friday is coming out on November 29th.

How it all began?

Why is it "Black Friday"? The history of the name of Black Friday is a lot, one of them saying that after US Thanksgiving traditionally followed a big traffic jam because people were busy rolling for shopping. Just because of congestion and other traffic problems, this day has been attributed to the black in the 1960s.

In Bohemia, Apple introduced the tradition of Black Friday in 2011, offering several products in a discount. Since then, this idea has been taken over by several Czech stores and today you can take advantage of discount events in almost all shops and eshops. On our eshop, you are also sure that you will not be able to choose your chosen pieces. Maximum with mouse and keyboard.

Published by: Differenta Team

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