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Be stylish and warm. Go for pre-Christmas time in peace and quiet.

  19. 11. 2015      Outfit Tips

November is already half a century and we all begin to surround the atmosphere of Christmas. Snowfall is already reported in the mountains. We're getting more and more wrapped in warm coats and looking for new boots. In short, the winter is here and we are waiting for a superhuman task - to prepare a perfect Christmas with perfect gifts for your closest ones. But before we give you some tips on what to do next to your little tree (soon in the next article), we have a small gift for you.

First you have to have the right equipment for yourself to go shopping, cool weather, rain and wind. And while still satisfied, happy and a little different. ;) In the following lines you will find great tips for winter weather. And then there will be nothing to miss you to go shopping and arrange a perfect Christmas.

If you need to light up otherwise gray and rainy days, the stylish Tango Pasion from the Desigual brand will make your day brighter. Satisfied and happy you will feel not only because of the beautiful combination of merry pink and orange along with stylish gray, but also for a great fit. Here you can go for pre-Christmas shopping in the shopping center, the Christmas markets on the freezing streets, but also the afternoon walk to the park.

Who else should understand that you want to be a bit different from the others, pull out of the crowd. That's why our next tip is for a pre-Christmas time a gorgeous hooded coat reminiscent of a poncho that bears the name of Mireia and boasts Desigual, right from the hands of designer Christiano Lacroix. The short jacket is comfortable, soft and decorated with double-row white knobs that resemble buttons. With such a coat behind you, not just an admirer.

Scotch & Soda has also created a beautiful fur coat for you. This powder coat will not only warm you up, but you will also feel like it is in the seventh heavens. In such a coat, you can spend the entire pre-Christmas time, buy all the gifts, prepare for Christmas, while still having a smile on your lips and a happy feeling for your soul.

If you need full confidence that you will not freeze on the Christmas market, the clear tip is Desigual Alethea. Just so you do not blow up this material, and the decoration with the mastic really looks very imaginative. The red color adds brightness and glow to your days, and a soft, artificial fur around the collar gives you warmth.

Do not forget even the stylish accessories that warm you up. A great addition can be, for example, Desigual Cap Eley, which by its decoration can tune in a good mood every single day. And do not worry, even the gloves of the same pattern you can get to it.

One of those pieces you just need. You do it for the good of your closest ones. ;) So nice November to everyone, a smile on your lips and a minimum of hustle you want Team Different. :)

Published by: Differenta Team

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