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Be different - sport, travel, dress with style and smile

  02. 05. 2016      From the fashion world

Today requires us to live healthy, to look slim, to love, to travel, and to dress in style. These passwords and these challenges lie to us on all possible blogs, on-line magazines, as well as in print and social networks. And so we're all trying to get some way off.

We are no exception, and social networks are our daily inspiration and the promotion of our passwords. At instag and facebook, we often go with the #jsemdifferent or #budtedifferent , well-known hashtags to help you win some very interesting prizes. And of course, it is closely related to the above-mentioned slogans, but that is not entirely their purpose. Our goal is to tell you to follow these passwords if you want but to do it differently. Other than others, to be creative, stylish to make you feel good and happy. Because nowadays we should not try to fit in the crowd, but on the contrary, to excel in it.

Many of you have sensed it and are trying to live, but some have not met, so we have decided to give you even more. Life is not just about basic life needs, but also about something extra. Someone loves healthy food, someone likes to dress nicely, and somebody has a passion for traveling, and what does it all work together nicely? We admit that our team also prefers a healthy lifestyle, nice clothes and many of us like to know new things and so travel. And because WE ARE DIFFERENT , we decided to do something a bit different, plus a smile.

In cooperation with the travel agency, we were able to connect everyonethese conditions, which can help you reach your dream goals and our #budtedifferent passwords . A travel agency that says CK with a smile , which perfectly combines our common goal, organizes annually healing stays and sports tours throughout the Czech Republic, Europe and around the world. It offers popular places in our native country, popular resorts abroad, as well as attractive exotics in the world.

Source: cksusmevem.cz

The target group is everyone who is not afraid to travel, loves movement and healthy lifestyle. And those who like to dress in stylish and original pieces and are not afraid to experiment in fashion. Because we admit that "being different" is not easy, but it's definitely fun and fulfilling.

Published by: Differenta Team

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