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Be beautiful with Desigual accessories

  24. 10. 2014      From the fashion world

In our fashion window we will once again bring you some tips on outfits with accessories Desigual in which you are beautiful and different;)

Desigual accessories Desigual accessories

The simple and mostly monochrome things in your wardrobe predominate, but do you want to make an original and dirty outfit? Here's your first tip. Only Desigual accessories can be aligned. To the flowing simple green dress we chose a large bag of Desigual with a predominant blue color, supplemented with green and brown leatherette details. The Desigual wallet with a buckle, a notebook and a Desigual bracelet in the same colors is best suited for this. The themes of the add-ons may not always be the same, depending on what you are going to do - either with color matching or the same motif.

Desigual and Melissa Outfit Desigual and Melissa Outfit

We do not have to say that it is a blue hit this summer. Even Hey had once known it when he was singing that blue was good. We chose these bright blue Desigual dresses with beautiful geometric motifs and the golden embroidery of Desigual in the bottom corner that fits perfectly with the golden accessories. To this we added the blue Melissa with a cut open type to the tip, which, although without a heel, is beautifully elegant and you can take it with peace of mind to take on these gowns and do not suffer in the heels: D

Desigual outfit Desigual outfit

Another tip on the outfit consists of a flowing desigual scoop skirt with decent patterns in green and purple lace trimmed with lace. Here's a simple, black, unlined model to preserve the elegance of the black color. And he wants some extras. Plastic Desigual bracelet in the same color, Mel's plastic shoes in gold color and golden accessories of other brands. Ideal outfit for almost any occasion. If it was an outfit to work or a social event, then take a black sack, or a jeans jacket. And you can go :)

Published by: Team Different

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