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Ballerinas as a shoe base

  12. 07. 2013      From the fashion world

Are you also looking forward to each winter when it is spring again and you are going from the boots to the ballerina ? For years now, ballerinas have been a perfect hit and an ideal shoe from spring to autumn. The ballerinas are ruled by our summer shoemakers and they are never enough. The French, as renowned fashion connoisseurs, claim that if a woman should have only one pair of shoes, then it should definitely be the ballerinas. Their shape is timeless, only slightly upgraded with every new fashion season.

Those colors and shapes, who should choose ?! This year's hit are "musketeers", ie ballerinae with a slight overlap over the instep. For the harsher fashion styles, the punk types are all in the course, with studs of all colors and shapes.

Balerines Mel Balerines Mel - " Musketeers "

Melissa punk ballerinas Melissa punk ballerinas

If you want quality and luxury, you should not miss some of the classic, timeless ballerina in your shoe. Inspiration may be the current autumn Melissa collection, which has brought the ballerina level up. Both in height - a small heel, and certainly also a luxurious look.

Luxurious ballerina Melissa Luxurious ballerina Melissa

There are also sporty types of women who enjoy their feet in comfortable and versatile ballerinas, such as the Crocs collection this year.

Crocs Sports Ballerina Crocs Sports Ballerina

Do you like black or other dull colors? Do you not get colorful clothes, but are you looking for some colorful summer? Then come to your Desigual ballerinas , which are fun and practical! After the inner circumference of the shoe, the rubber boot for comfortable wearing and the inner insole is made of cut leather.

Desigual colorful ballerinae Desigual colorful ballerinae

Hot summer days? No problem! Get Mel or Melissa Perforated Ballerinas, which, besides a comfortable and stylish tire, also offers seamless maintenance. So you have already chosen yourself? ;)

Perforated Ballerina Mel Perforated Ballerina Mel

Comfortable Melissa Ballerina Comfortable Melissa Ballerina

Published by: Team Different

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