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Ballerina - The history of the most popular ladies shoes

  20. 05. 2014      From the fashion world

Do you know that feeling when the winter is over and you are looking forward to pulling off your summer shoes ? Do you put the boots in the boxes and put the polished ballerina in the shelves? Most women start working on this activity in February with the arrival of the first warm beam and hopes for the rapid onset of spring.

Spring shape of the shoe - ballerinas of all colors. Source: google.com Spring shape of the shoe - ballerinas of all colors. Source: google.com

The ballerina we have everywhere at home - these stylish models, sports or stylish plastic ballerina. Do you know their origin and history? Ballerinas, as the name suggests, have a lot to do with the ballet. The first ballerinas were created as ballet shoes, which had been designed for her son at the end of the 1940s by Rose Repetto.

ballerinas, ballet dancers The first and classical ballerinas that conquered the world.

Rose Reppeto has become the designer of hers, and with the desire to create ballerinas, the stars of such a size as Brigitte Bardot have turned. It was this actress who gave them glory and the ballerina became a true hit among women's shoes for the next many decades.

In the eighties, the ballerina began to die a little when designer Rose Repetto died. With the fall of her brand, people began to look a little bit of a ballerina.

However, it was clear that such a comfortable and yet beautiful woman's boot had to return to the glare. In 1999, Jean-Marc Gaucher bought the brand of Repeto ballet and put it on the imaginary throne of the shoe of glory. Balerines are now one of the most popular types of shoes. It's probably because the heels are hurting a little over time, and every woman enjoys having a little "relax" at times.

It is already clear that - as is the case in fashion - there will be less in the course for a while, but more, but no one will ever be given the mark of clear fashion classics.

Even so is the look of today's ballet shoes - Crocs plastic shoes, www.DifferentFashion.cz Even so is the image of today's ballet shoes - Crocs plastic shoes, www.Different.cz

Now we can not imagine spring or summer without ballerinas, whose types, shapes and cuts are now unreadable. We like mainly those plastic balerines that are virtually maintenance-free and last for many seasons;)

Plastic and fragrant ballerina Melissa, www.DifferentFashion.cz Plastic and fragrant ballerina Melissa , www.Different.cz

It's not about standing on your heels ... you can be different and more comfortable;)

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