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Balance of different years 2013

  20. 12. 2013      From the fashion world

2013 is coming to an end and we are already starting to balance. What's new in our country? Okay, we'll be balancing with you this time;)

New spaces

We started 2013 in the new premises in Pilsen, where we moved in November 2012. Thanks to the warehouse and the new office, our work has been made easier since the beginning of the year. The shop in front of the customers from Pilsen is much more popular and appreciates our design, but also a pleasant approach, etc. We are not really going to come back anymore, so we are currently dealing with the rebuilding of the warehouse.

Desigual - store Plzen, Rooseveltova 9 Desigual - store Plzen, Rooseveltova 9

New site design

We've been working on it for 3 months. They gave details, they asked you where to put a button, how to simplify and what to do best for your satisfaction. September 10, 2013, our IT boys bought the energy boots and switched to a new design. You noticed this without a break until the morning and the reactions were very positive from the beginning. So we relaxed and went on;)

www.DifferentFashion.cz www.DifferentFashion.cz

Facebook www.DifferentFashion.cz

We have set ourselves the goal of overcoming 10,000 fans on this social network. At the moment, you are almost 16,000. We strive to entertain you on our Facebook, communicate with you, offer you events and competitions. Facebook does not show you all of our posts, so click on our page on "I Like It" - then "Settings" - and click "All Updates";) Then nothing will miss you.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/www.differentfashion.cz

Facebook DifferentFashion.cz Facebook DifferentFashion.cz

New Brands

During the year, we rode around world fashion fairs and search for other interesting fashion brands worldwide. We have collaborated with Disaster Designs , Culito from Spain . You ordered new Scotch & Soda collections and were waiting for your rebellion. They were positive, so we probably know what is missing and what you like in the Czech Republic. We will continue to do so. Enjoy! ;)

Brands on DifferentFashion.cz Brands on DifferentFashion.cz

Fashion magazine

We launched a fashion magazine. You immediately liked him and started reading. We try to advise you and share interesting fashion experiences. Fashion is our life, so we will be happy to share everything we find. Read us further and your life will be sweeter;)

Fashion magazine Fashion magazine

New social networks

We started to communicate with you as well:

Instagram - https://instagram.com/differentfashioncz

Google+ - https://plus.google.com/+DifferentfashionCz

and others...

Instagram DifferentFashion.cz Instagram DifferentFashion.cz

Credit card payment

From this year, you can also pay for an order on www.DifferentFashion.cz via an online payment card or other payment methods. It's easy. Just make sure you choose GoPay - card payment and other online payment methods. At this step, we have a lot of details, but everything works very safely.

Different Island

We opened a new concept full of the most fashionable accessories of the world brands Desigual, Disaster and Melissa. The first island of Different Island is at OC Olympia Plzen. We plan air raids to other cities. Enjoy it;)

Different Island - Desigual and Disaster Accessories Different Island - Desigual and Disaster Accessories

Different TV

We would almost forgot. Different TV have been in love since the first day. Videos that show you the details of individual products, various gadgets and specials from our collections of brands. Suddenly you knew that the Desigual handbag can be worn in four ways and that you will not lose it with the Disaster Pointer;

The baby Jesus gave us a new camera and microphones, so next year we are going to lift Different TV to a slightly different level. And Veronika will stay with us, do not worry;)

Different TV channel on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/differentfashioncz

Different TV Different TV

Of course, a couple of little things happened, a couple of new people started to work with us. But we still pull for one rope and we do not intend to get out of our way - bringing to the Czech Republic interesting world brands, communicating with our customers and doing it all a bit DIFFERENT;)


Published by: Team Different

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