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Backpack instead of handbag - a trend that gives green and physiotherapists

  09. 04. 2018      From the fashion world

Does the partner scream in you that you still think only of a parade? This time, you'll have an ace in your sleeve! With the trend of stylish backpacks, you are relieving your back! And so you should be praised for the new piece in the collection rather than scolded!

What we'll talk about, the women's handbag often hides more than the magic tent in Harry Potter. As proof, you just have to keep a friend or your husband for a few seconds, and then, horrified, "if you're pulling bricks," it's clear he's hiding more than the indispensable three - wallet, key, phone .

On our shoulders we often wear diaries, catalogs, books, magazines, purchases, notebooks, spare clothes, food or cosmetic beauticians. The weight is soaring, and the pain of our back, cervical spine and shoulders. And so we have the trend of backpacks not only welcomed as a positive change in the field of fashion accessories, but also from a health point of view. Believe that even the orthopedic or physiotherapist will be excited to see you with a backpack instead of a handbag over one shoulder until you go again to complain about the pain that we women actually do by ourselves.

And because the backpacks have not yet come to the taste of all the ladies, girls, women, we will try to prove that it really is worth it! Long ago, there is no talk of sportswear, unsightly shapes, or unmatched color combinations. The course features backpacks that dazzle with playful design, imaginativeness and elegance.

Beauty in simplicity! This is proven by the Desigual backpack in a fine, feminine-looking, combination of pink and gold. It will add to any outfit, sporty, casual or elegant, and adds the right amount of romance and originality.

Desigual backpack

Is there a child in you who is staring at your backpack with a little playfulness and freshness? Then follow the Anekke mark and you will not regret it. Anekke backpacks in various sizes and romantic designs are ideal accessories for every day.

Anekke backpack

Summer is coming, so there's a music festival, a party on the beach, a trip or a holiday. In the summer adventure, go with this Desigual backpack in boo chic style, you will be a practical and becoming a companion.

Desigual color backpack

Do not forget Tommy Hilfiger's backpack is a lure of luxury and elegance. The decent color combinations, golden fittings and breathtaking design make it nicely complemented with elegant outfits for both working and romantic appointments.

backpack Tommy Hilfiger

So do not worry about the changes and keep the handbags at the bottom of the cabinet! Go to the backpacks that move the fashion world!

Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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