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Back to the benches. With super equipment!

  21. 08. 2020      From the fashion world

Summer days are not over yet but holiday are coming to an end and it's time for children to go back to school. How to let them enjoy school days? With a super school equipment of course!

What you cannot miss? Woud't be nice to have all thing matched in an unique design?

back to school

First of all is a backpack! It has to be cool and trendy but mainly functional, practical and resistant. The backpacks Santoro have a reinforced back and adjustable braces to carry major weights. Also they have soo many pockets.

You don't want your kids carrying weights on their back? Choose a pack with wheels, it would be better for growing little bodies.  Santoro malso offers backpacks with rollers  and handles! Santoro London

What else to choose apart from books and workbooks? A co do batohu kromě knih a sešitů.Have you already noticed the awesome notebooks by Anekke? The best for school for your little princesses. Do not forget a practit pencilcase with everything you need in the inside. We have everything you need to write and draw. The choice is yours. You can also complete your equipment with little stands for your pencils, calendars and pockets for the snacks.


Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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