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Autumn Shoes - Top Brand Tips

  27. 10. 2017      From the fashion world

The fact that frogs and balerins have long been ringing off, you've probably seen pretty ladies. But it does not change the fact that we wear stylish pieces on the legs even in winter. And since autumn is in full swing, we bring you some tips on branded, autumn top chunks that you should not miss in your shoe.


You should not miss the original Desigual shoes in your shoe. This autumn collection is full of surprises. Offers more moderate pieces, mostly leather, and is subject to current fashion trends. Desigual 's top autumn boots are definitely ankle leather boots . No matter whether you choose shoes on a wedge or on a low heel, you definitely do not step next to it. As for the boots, this year Desigual certainly does not stay behind. You can find our eshop both in black and in brown. And if we can advise you, bet on bikers, you are the no. 1 this year.

Desigual black heel boots


That you are chatting only in the summer? Error! Or you just did not know you could wear them in the autumn and winter? So now you know it. Converse Autumn Shoes will get you. At first glance, they look like classic, ordinary summer cloths, but the leather design and the fur that is all over the shoe protects your feet from freezing! In short, you should know that the Converse brand produces shoes in all weather, from a variety of materials, and that you can wear sneakers in autumn or winter.

Converse leather shoes

Tommy Hilfiger

We strongly recommend boots from Tommy Hilfiger . For the autumn wet and rainy weather they are like made, and they are design and stylish, so you will definitely not have to be ashamed of them. Such an ankle boots from your outfit, believe not to make a luxurious stylish outfit in which you will proudly and happily run between the drops of rain.

boots Tommy Hilfiger

Butterfly Twists

The Butterfly Twists brand is especially comfortable ballerinas that you can easily store in your handbag and take off when you need to drop the heels. Butterfly Twist is not only a ballerinas but also autumn sneakers . They are subject to current fashion trends - both color and design.

Butterfly Twists


The Crocs brand features stylish pieces for every season from toe to toe. In autumn, the ideal ankle boots are in different colors. Crocs boots are made of Croslite special material, which is most comfortable, legs do not sweat, smell and mainly have massage points on the insoles that stimulate the basic points on your feet.

Crocs boots


Autumn Melissa Shoes? Sure! These are boots, moccasins, ballerinas and slippers because you can also go for summer holidays in the autumn. Melissa are made of special Melflex material , which is soft, adaptable and also smells great after chewing gum.

Melissa boots


We'll stay for a while! And there are boots again, this time from the Zaxy brand, in different colors, in ankle design. Zaxy will love you for their timeless style, but also for a good price. They're younger sister Melissa, or if you're wearing Melissa, you definitely know what you're up to.

Zaxy boots


Emu has long been not just winter buckwheat but also Emu's autumn boots that you will love for the first tire. Imagine that you do not have to slip into the boots right after summer, but you can still wear low slip-on shoes that are made of genuine sheepskin and wool so you will be amazingly warm.

Emu of gray moccasins


Italian brand Fornarina is typical of its extravagant models. So if you want to pack a really unique autumn boots, bet on the Fornarina brand. We guarantee that your shoes last for several seasons, thanks to quality workmanship and timeless design.

Fornarin shoes


We love the Toms brand not only for their beautiful shoes, but also because of the One for One project , thanks to which a pair of kids from a developing country they need is completely free for every pair of shoes sold. And what kind of autumn shoes does Toms offer? These ankle, warm and comfortable.

Toms Shoes

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