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August - Time of Wedding Outfits

  28. 08. 2017      From the fashion world

Have you noticed that most weddings are every year in August? Why is that so? Because it is the 8th month and the magic seven is considered irrelevant? Or because August's month is the sign of the king of animals, symbolizing the power and protector of his pack? That most of the weekend is ideal in August? Or simply because he wants to?

Whatever it is, it does not matter, August is coming to a successful end, and if you have not been to one wedding, we invite you to her right now, specifically to her backstage. Let's go back to the past about what we wore this August wedding.

Recently, wedding guests wear thematically colorful outfits. Which means that your fiancés choose the color, and the wedding dresses are "made up" according to the assignment, but it is not the rule, we have a tip for a wedding outfit in an unobtrusive style, in the form of decent, lacy Desigual dresses with colored elements. we've added glossy Melissa shoes , original Calvin Klein writing, and Ops! Objects timeless jewelry . It's great that if you choose this outfit, you will not make a mistake because you can use it on many other occasions.

Another hint for wedding outfit is this fresh combination in color shades. Desigual dresses combined with Melissa ballerinas and Desigual jewelry in versatile colors that blend perfectly with each other.

Published by: Differenta Team

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