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At the beginning of autumn, Emo's mocha

  24. 09. 2018      From the fashion world

To warm my feet, I have to have Emo shoes!

A transitional period when you still do not want a ballerinas, but you still do not feel comfortable on your winter ankle boots . We have the perfect tire that will get your feet and your hearts.

Mocasins of a true shape are made of true sheepskin , "lined up" by sheep wool, which literally strokes your feet. The sole has rubber and has a specially shaped grooves for draining the water outdoors. Plus it's anti-skid, so do not worry about slipping your leg somewhere.

Emu Amity

As always, there is a choice of more design - each is different, but they all have the same thing that they will look at! You can slip into the Emu moccasins in a luxurious design with metallic reflections and a romantic bow that fits perfectly with elegant or casual outfits or a one-color, discreet variant that suits everything.

Emi Amity

Emi Amity

Moreover, these Emu will be appreciated not only in the autumn season, but also in the spring , when the first sun rays will be revealed, but the thermometer will still not be good for the non-heated boots.

Have you ever fallen in love? If not, you need to try these moccasins on your own - then you will not hesitate, on the contrary - you will not want to take them off!

Emu shoes

Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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