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Army style - immortal fashion trend

  21. 02. 2018      From the fashion world

Army, or military style, is a fashion trend that has been popular with many people around the world and is not surprising. And she returns to fashion again, or she has never come out of it, only other fashion styles have been overtaken by him. So if you have hidden the masks on the bottom of the wardrobe, you can pull them out boldly. Army style is not just a military style, it does not mean that you cover your pants and shirts from head to toe. Let's look at how they wear.

If you do not need to have a mask, it does not mean you can not afford Army, dear ladies. Just as someone's black color is the only wearable option that soon turns white, for whatever reason, it just means that we can modify the fashion in different ways. And so you can wear Army style on your own .

Colors and accessories

The basic Army colors are: green, khaki, brown, gray, beige and black, but also wine . Another inherent element of the army style is studs, tips and pads, which apply to both clothing and accessories. Handbags, bags, backpacks, parks or different tops. Even with Desigual, you can find elements of army style, such as this Desigual handbag .

Desigual handbag

Patterns and materials

The mask pattern is not the only domain of army style. Also popular is cloth or leatherette. You will look perfect in armchairs with an oversize khaki tope . There are a few options and fantasies are definitely not set. Favorite style jeans and white t-shirt, you can add a stylish army park. You can inspire yourself with the Fornarina outfit.

park Fornarina

What about your feet?

Army style inherently includes classic "Canadians", but you can clearly replace the popular Biker boots, but also the platforms on the platform or Converse's favorite outfits , everything will look great if you fine-tune your outfit according to your perfection.

Converse Sneakers

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