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Anekke - unique accessories for both small and large rebels

  05. 04. 2018      From the fashion world

The fashion brand Anekke originated in one family business in sunny Spain. It presents unconventional fashion accessories for romantic souls of all ages. They boast unique designs, quality workmanship and details that make up a perfect new set.

The brand of your models is always present in several collections so that the products are beautifully complemented . But the main element is always a cute doll. Each collection features several handbags ranging from larger shoulder to small crossbody, backpacks, laptop or travel bags, wallets, umbrellas or writing supplies .

The accessories are leatherette, have solid and fine fabrics and other high quality materials . Decorate them with elaborate details , embroidery and prints that you simply fall in love with. The Anekke brand has a romantic spirit , is tender, innocent, dreamy, but soothing. It is worn by small princesses, girls, but also adult women loving original accessories and designs. The new Anekke Collection for Spring / Summer 2018 features two designs. Liberty and Bella Venezia.

Anekke Liberty

The Liberty collection carries a distinct pastel color, a doll and should represent human free-lance . The brand literally presents this design as follows: " It must be remembered that poppies have plants whose roots extend deep into the ground and outweigh the unfavorable weather. If they are plucked, they grow up again, as if trying hard to get into their dreams. They are weeds that remind that beauty lies in improvisation - being and feeling freely. Live without fear, shame and complexes. Laugh, spread happiness, do not be afraid to dream and wake up in hopes of spreading the desire for life, passion to be free, to be what you want to be. " And this free thought reflects on Liberty's design.


wallet Anekke

Anekke Bella Venezia

Although it is a Spanish brand, the Bella Venezia collection features Italian Venice . The design of this sub-collection is intended to inspire people in the spirit of travel, the desire to learn new cultures and to overcome language barriers. He literally says, " Travel is a word that depends on who or when it is used. It is strange that one word can have a completely different meaning in the world. It is something we should never stop doing - to communicate. Each way is a story and a personal challenge. Discover new places, languages, customs and different people. Because there is no place that is more important to us, it is mainly about the feeling that travels. The feeling that makes us feel part of this experience, recharge our mind and spirit. To know more and get to know yourself - travel. Each way you take turns you a little bit of shifts, so never stop. In fact, it's just about deciding to go somewhere. After all, we will finally return with our suitcases filled with new experiences and memories that we will never forget. "

Anekke handbag

Anekke handbag

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