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ANEKKE SS18 - Original fashion accessories

  11. 04. 2018      Different TV CZ / SK


The Anekke brand comes from a family Spanish company. Anekke are unconventional fashion pieces designed for all romantic souls of all ages. Its unique features include unique designs, quality workmanship and personalized details that together make up a perfect whole.

The brand always presents its products in several collections to complement each other . The main element is a cute doll, similar to the Santoro brand. Each collection includes several handbags of different shapes, wallets, cosmetic bags, umbrellas, or stationery.

The accessories are made of leather, have different textiles and other high quality materials . Decorate them with specific details , embroidery and prints that you simply can not resist. Anekke is romantic , gentle, innocent and dreamy. Wears girls and women who enjoy having original accessories. The new Anekke Collection for Spring / Summer 2018 features two designs. Liberty and Bella Venezia.


Published by: Differenta Team

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