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Anekke - Spanish brand of non-traditional fashion accessories

  16. 05. 2017      From the fashion world

We are a fashion eshop that loves things that are a bit different. And because funny and original pieces are never enough, we have put on you the new Anekke brand that is full of surprises. It offers all sorts of accessories that you will love not only you, but also your daughters, granddaughters or moms, just women of all generations.
Anekke is a trademark, originating in Spain. Even though Spanish culture is very lively, this brand is a romantic and nostalgic model. The Anekke sign is similar to the Santoro London brand, a dreamy doll . Vintage style cartoon girls can be found on all products across different collections. Each collection is different, so you can tune the individual accessories and gradually collect them.
Anekke offers various bags, handbags, backpacks, cases, suitcases, but also notebooks, pencils, pendants or mugs and umbrellas that adorn interesting details in the form of different patches, patches, patchwork motifs, decorative fragments and others. This is a great proof of this beautiful women's Anekke handbag .
Anekke handbag

The Anekke fashion accessories are first and foremost high-quality, precision-processed and the cherry on the cake is an imaginative design .
The products of this brand are also a good gift for a gift you can say or donate yourself. They are affordable and always pleased. Like this stylish Anekke wallet .
wallet Anekke

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