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New Pieces by Anekke Are Here! Collection FW19

  30. 09. 2019      From the fashion world

"A dream. A beautiful dream. A dream you don't want to wake up from. A dream about places everyone wants to visit. About the romantic Paris, the city of fashion with a rich history. I'm passing the iconic Eiffel tower, elegant houses and chic Frenchwomen. I close my eyes, take a breath. And as I open my eyes again, I'm standing in the middle of an Egyptian desert that is full of ornaments. I'm standing there absolutely fascinated by its culture and mystery. Unbelievable..." 

But this is not a dream, this is reality. The new autumn/winter 2019 collection by Anekke is real and inspired by Paris and Egypt, by their magic and renown. Have a piece of the world at home, on your handbag, wallet or even on your umbrella... 

kabelky Anekke

Couture Collection - for Romantic Souls

Anekke accessories Couture pay tribute to French fashion, feminity and chic style. The models abound with elegance and were sorted into two subcollections called La Butique and La Vie Chic

You can choose not only from new patterns, but also interesting shapes. The Couture models in light shades with the very favourite Anekke doll in a cute French design look amazing. Worth mentioning are also breathtaking details such as, amazing embroidery, handles with fittings or pendants with a fluffy pompom in a red wine colour.

New elements are handbags with velvet material and a big bow on a snap-hook, with a motive of a Parisian boutique or the Eiffel tower in the middle of the night.

Anekke kabelky

Egypt Collection- for Traveler Souls

Inspiring and inspired by Cairo adventures, sandy beaches and remarkable culture. You won't be able to take your eyes of handbags made of combined materials. They are interlaced with glittering threads, studded by embroideries and they remind of Egyptian frescos or precious stones.  

The design of this collection was influenced by types of Egyptian tunics, muslins or dresses and the patterns in the backround of every accessory are called ExploraI (on the darker models with a doll) or Arabescos (on the brown-and-gold pieces). 

Even when the dream about travelling is over, thanks to the brand Anekke a piece of the world stays at your place. So enjoy your part of Paris or Egypt every day on your way to work or on a trip.

Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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