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Anekke Magic Collection - India I do not

  08. 03. 2019      From the fashion world

The new Anekke collection has just filled our warehouses. But we know it is not long because it's beautiful. Yes, it is divine, full of detail, sophisticated, unique pieces that you simply will not forgive. Whether you are 15 or 50 years old, do not believe that you will simply get that mark. The new Anekke fashion collection for Spring and Summer 2019 features two sub-collections and 4 basic designs. India sub-collection vs. I do not. Let's imagine all those magical handbags, backpacks, notebook bags, wallets, keyrings and other beautiful fashion accessories.

Anekke India

The India sub-collection has two designs. The first is colorful, decorated with a doll Anekke, which recounts its Indian experiences. The second one looks smoother, lighter in color and is decorated with an Indian elephant embroidery with the brand logo.
And what tells the story of the creation of this sub-collection?

"The world was created to appear. That's why I'm an adventurous soul who wants to discover new places and continue the collection of experiences that await me somewhere where I have not been. When you are part of a place, a nation and its habits, you can be more empathetic and more sensitive. Excited and longing for spiritual paths, I arrived in India. India is beautiful and magical, enchanted by its grandeur and energy. India will dazzle you and after a while you even feel part of it. I knew instantly that it would be a trip from which I will have thousands of souvenirs in the form of photographs and notes along with all the memories that would live forever in me. "

"Sacred animals, the peaceful coexistence of people and the constant pace of life were all around me. The irresistible scent of spices, the color festival, the sacred animals and the importance of every little detail in this country make it an experience in which you question the meaning of everything you do, including your value. And so you decide to try to be more interconnected, to be consistent with your feelings. "This tells Anekke, who has left her way to India on her purses and fashion accessories.
Anekke handbag
Anekke backpack

Anekke Jane

The Jane sub-collection also has two designs. The first design is in a purple-brown-brown design and is decorated with a romantic theme of a doll with a book and stones. The second design is refined again, has a beige base and elaborate floral embroidery in detail.

Anekke tells: "There was once a little girl who liked to read. It was me, Jane. For many people reading books is far more than just a hobby. It's a way to escape reality and live other lives. Reading stories means dreaming without having to close your eyes. And for me, it's a small, magical act I can enjoy anywhere in the world, anytime of the day. "

"I remember the moment when I opened the book for the first time and dived into the first pages. As if I heard the sound of the typewriter, the story was written by a woman who used the letters and words to change the world. And it filled me with some sense and sensitivity, pride, but also prejudices. From the moment I first started reading, reading became my ritual. Imagine the moment when you open the book, get started and suddenly you become part of it. Survive, love, take, cry, imagine. Live. Undoubtedly there is no other pleasure than reading. Fill the bag with your favorite stories, travel to the goal, open it and get lost. "This and much more is reflected in the design fashion accessories of this sub-collection.
Anekke backpack
Anekke notebook bag

Published by: Differenta Team

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