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Anekke - Collection Aviator and Miss Anekke 2018

  31. 10. 2018      From the fashion world

We got to like the Spanish fashion brand Anekke especially for its original design and detailed processing. Timeless fashion accessories by Anekke are must have pieces also for this autumn. In this article we will introduce you a new collection, which you sure won´t resist.

The brand Anekke is again coming up with two sub-collections for autumn and winter - Aviator a Miss Anekke. Both of these sub-collections are very colourful, sophisticated and most of the handbags, bags and backpacks are decorated with pendants. All these pieces are being delivered in special anti dust bags, so you can always save it comfortably. Anekke aren´t just handbags and backpacks, but also laptop bags, cases, purses or even umbrellas.

Anekke Aviator

The sub-collection Aviator is inspired by our everyday life. It should represent excitement and enthusiasm for doing something crazy. It should make you feel as if you were doing something crazy, something you have long been having no backbone to do. Like when you go by a small plane for the first time and you perceive every single centimetre. You perceive the engine growling, taking off and landing in a completely different way than in a classical boeing. Achieving your dreams or goals sometimes isn´t easy, you need to have the courage to overcome all your fears and doubts, but the freedom and fulfilment that you are feeling at that moment is just invaluable. All of this and much more is reflected in various designs of the Anekke Aviator fashion accessories.

kabelka Aviator

kabelka Anekke

Miss Anekke

The sub-collection Miss Anekke symbolizes a life path that should be the fulfiling of your wishes and dreams. Miss Anekke is independent, free and happy, because she knows every problem can be solved. Life is a game and all toys are hidden in a small magical suitcase. You just have to concentrate and read the game manual carefully. Love your imagination, be Miss Anekke. 

Kabelka Anekke

kabelka Anekke

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