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An amazing set of Desigual Romboide

  29. 04. 2014      From the fashion world

You love tuning fashion pieces to yourself. Desigual set Romboide you fall in love;)

This collection is overwhelming and full of vibrant, colorful colors that attract your attention. The series is full of geometric 3D shapes that add things to originality and smudges.
The series includes 4 handbags, Ipad packaging, dresses, t-shirts and boots.

Bolsoporti Romboide handbag Bolsoporti Romboide handbag

The first handbag that we will introduce into detail is called Desigual Bolsoporti Romboide. This Desigual color handbag is made of fabric with leatherette brown inserts. The handbag is perfectly shaped and has a firm bottom. The main pocket has a patent-fastening and inside is a detachable bag for documents across the width of the handbag, with a zipper fastening. There are two more pockets on the sides. The handbag also includes an additional case for small items, plus an adjustable strap.

MC handbag Romboide MC handbag Romboide

Another handbag is the Desigual MC bee Romboide. It has solid ears and an adjustable shoulder strap that can be unlocked. Both the outside and the inside of the bag have plenty of zippered pockets. Also embroidered on the front is also effective.

London Romboide handbag London Romboide handbag

3rd handbag from this beautiful set is the Desigual London Romboide handbag. It is a favorite female type of Desigual handbag with many functional pockets. The main pocket has a zip fastening and a pair of small pockets inside. You can wear the handbag in your hand or over your shoulder.

Clutch Romboide handbag Clutch Romboide handbag

The last handbag is this little desigual summer textile writing, which you can also wear as a handbag over your shoulder thanks to a removable strap. The main pocket of the handbag is fastened with a zipper and there are two hidden pockets for small items under the flap.

the Romboide package the Romboide package

With this original Romboide motif, a neoprene packaging for Ipad Desigual or a small notebook was also created. There is a zipper around the waist, inside is a pocket for small things and rubber stoppers for the Ipad.

dress Margaret Dress Desigual Margaret

Another set is these beautiful Desigual sleeve dresses in colorful tones with geometric pattern and mesh straps. The back of the dress is all in black. They are also available in green and fashionable blue. All these dresses are the main gowns of the Spring / Summer 2014 collection, and the Admiral Lima Topmodel is wearing a Barcelona fashion collection.

If you are not a strictly dress type, there are a selection of 2 Desigual T-shirts with this motif.

T-shirt Yury Desigual Yury T-shirt

The first is this beautiful colorful Desigual T-shirt in tones of orange-purple-green with geometric motives.

Taglio T-shirt Desigual Taglio T-shirt

The other is a loose Desigual tunic with bat sleeves and a color pattern. The bottom hem on the back is pulled into the elastic band. The back and one sleeve are made of soft, semi-transparent fabric.

Sandalia bloque maza Desigual Sandalia bloque maza

The last thing the Desigual Romboide set is to complete the outfit is these beautiful summer shoes.
The first type is Desigual sandals with a geometric wedge motif. Desigual boots have leather straps and for added luxury and durability, rubber outsole and leather liner. The wedge height is 10 cm.

Sandalia is another Shoes Desigual Sandalia Cuňa Alta

The second type is Desigual cloth shoes with woven applications. The boot is textile and rubber outsole. The ankle fastening is on the clip. The height of the heel is also 10 cm.

Sandalia slammed the maza Desigual Sandalia Shoes Plana maza

A more versatile version without a heel, these Desigual sandals are colorful tones with geometric motifs and leather elements. The shoes have a 2 cm high pink rubber sole and a leather liner.

Nice, is not it? :) So choose from these few amazing pieces the best for you;)

Published by: Team Different

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