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A tip for a full-length outfit will lift your mood not only to you!

  02. 09. 2013      From the fashion world

Let yourself be taken over by the world of soothing multicolored mandalas with the outfit from Desigual . Their colorful, regular shapes will just make you fall in love!

Mandala is the word that comes from the East and it's like a magical circle. It is a supercultural symbol of balance that has occurred in all cultures, times and religions. These are diagrams that settle chaos in some form. These shapes appeared in the Paleolithic, but also in ancient Egypt or Babylon.

The base is made up of a Desigual SAS color sweater in an interesting sporty style and a dark blue Desigual Claudia jeans in neutral shades that gorgeously adds color to the whole outfit. For maximum comfort, we have selected Desigual Barcelona balloons in a quality design that can be accompanied by longer walks thanks to their comfort. The Macbee Gallactic Handbag Deducci underscores the mandalic motifs that appear on the sweater and corresponds to the whole set that is complemented by Desigual Carry Diverdelix bracelets. Immerse yourself in meditation and succumb to the spell of mandalas with us!

tip for autumn outfit Tip for autumn outfit.

Published by: Team Different

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