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5 top style exercises for a better character

  18. 08. 2017      From the fashion world

How to keep fit and wear stylish clothes? We have a few exercises for you for a firmer figure. The base is a stylish outfit in which you feel good, fine-tuning the rest with the following exercises. Outfit we chose from the current collection Desigual sport autumn / winter 2017.

We chose a classic cut shirt, trouser skirt and running shoes. Single pieces of Galactic design . The Desigual brand is great that the individual sports sub-bikes offer products of all kinds. From tops, bodices, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, shorts, skirts, leggings, tracksuits and boots. Also different bags and sports bags or backpacks. Which is really what to choose from.

We already have an outfit, so with a taste for it.

1) Plank (Plank)

This exercise belongs to the category - demanding. It is important to straighten your elbows under your shoulders and wrists with your elbows, so you have your hands in front of you, in your fist. You concentrate all the energy on the center of your body, so you have a stiff belly, do not strain your loins and push the butt down to the ground so you have it at your back. Your legs may be slightly apart or with you.

2) Climber

This exercise reinforces the whole body again. Holding the body is similar to the previous exercise. The palms are again under their shoulders, distant from each other at shoulder level. The belly is hardened, the back of the back and the exhale, at regular intervals, you pull your knees under you. Straight or obliquely to the side. This exercise is great especially for abdominal muscles.

3) Squeeze machines

The third practice is well-known and less popular. Classic jumpers. The legs are in the hip, the arms in the neck, push your shoulders down from the ears. With each exhalation you lift your chest up to sit, trying to keep your feet on the ground and turn off your breasts.

4) Scissors

This exercise is a massacre. Lean your elbows, pull your shoulders back out of your ears, pull out of your waist, and your palms point along the body. Take your legs about 15 cm above the ground and cut your legs from side to side.

5) Activating the pan

The last practice is to strengthen your butt. You compare to the level of the hips, lay on your back, stretch your arms along the body, and with the exhale, raise the pan upwards. Do not put back on the floor, always leave it at least a centimeter above it.

We recommend: 3 series of 12 reps, at least 1 / day for as long as the exercises stop pain. Then you need to add - repeating, more demanding exercises. Do not hesitate to contact us and especially - be DIFFERENT! ;)

How the individual exercises look in practice, you can look at the following video ... Practice with us ... :-)

Published by: Differenta Team

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