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5 top pieces by The salad by Leni

  24. 05. 2017      Outfit Tips

Spring is finally changing in the summer and our mood will not spoil anything, and since we do not have to wear a few layers wearing nothing, we do not really care about it, but just pull a few lightweight pieces of clothing and let ourselves be inspired by what attracts us. We love a lot of beautiful pieces from spring and summer collections, and because they are definitely not enough, we have spoken to our favorite blogger Lenička, who very inspiratively describes her lifestyle on The Salad by Leni blog . Which pieces of Different are the top of her?

The salad by Leni

Which pieces from our e-shop Lenika chose?

T-Shirt DEHA

My first piece of clothing on my imaginary wishlist is this stylish beauty. I love to combine one distinctive element with other basic pieces . I like the best of her that she will go great for her heels, but you do not step beside or with a slime and a whine. T-shirts are "in" and additionally super comfortable for summer - the Deha brand is the ideal.

t-shirt skirt Deha

Desigual cream backpack

The rucksacks ripped the bag and they are everywhere. I admit that I have been looking for my dreamer for several months, and I hope to have him in my closet soon. In search, I came across this cream from the Desigual brand and I was very surprised that even this fairly distinctive brand has such decent and easily combinable accessories.

Desigual Backpack

Scotch & Soda Dresses

The Scotch & Soda brand is my hearty affair and I really enjoy watching the new coming for the next season. She did not disappoint again this summer and came up with beautiful dresses. I was attracted by these simple shirts that have very elaborate details. Just as it is customary for this brand.

Scotch & Soda Dresses

Underwear Calvin Klein

Comfort especially! And that also applies to underwear. I have recently liked various kinds of "bralette" and I would rather not wear anything else.

Bra Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein pants

EMU sandals

Emu valency is my winter stand, which I can not do, and I was very surprised when I discovered their summer variants, like these mint sandals. Are they made of high quality leather and the color? What I'm going to say to you, they're good.

Sandals Emu

Published by: Differenta Team

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