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5 Top Handbags Season

  05. 01. 2017      From the fashion world

You will probably agree with our statement that most women's handbags and shoes are never enough. Handbags and boots go hand in hand some Friday. Recently, however, the trend of handbags has grown, which is a bit out of line. The trend of the handbags, which are an imaginary icing on the cake of individual outfits, which do not perfectly match the color or material of the boots, but they will completely underline the overall impression of the outfit. Let's imagine the 5 top handbags this season, which we believe is clearly proud of this title.

O bag

Absolute bestseller and therefore number one is undoubtedly the bag O bag . Unique handbag that is famous for its unusual design. It is made of high quality Eva plastic material, which is soft, light, flexible and washable. On the O bag it's great to have your handbag simple to assemble according to your design choices.

bag O bag


Desigual's fashion brand does not need to be presented, it features wild colors and great ideas; among the top 5 pieces we definitely include these two handbags, from which we have chosen the popular McBee shape and the novelty Reversible , which is unique. This handbag is actually three handbags in one, not only that it is double-sided , it also has a removable inner pocket to make a small crossbody after attaching the adjustable strap.

Desigual handbag

Desigual handbag


The top five also include the popular brand Santoro London , which is famous for its motifs of cute dolls. Not only is this handbag practical and cute but can be worn by both ladies and their daughters.

Santoro handbag


The last handbag that we put in the five "most" is actually the luxurious Backpack from Doca , which has become a universal and stylish hit.This backpack is not only practical and original but also tasteful and timeless.This extra bit is combined with any outfit .

Doca purse

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