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5 top brands of summer shoes in 2019

  31. 05. 2019      From the fashion world

In less than a month we have summer. For most of us one of the most popular times of the year. Time to clean winter boots deep into shoe racks and display summer shoes on available shelves. The period when we take off our socks and put on flip flops and slippers barefoot. What summer shoes shouldn't be missing in your summer shoe? We will advise you on 5 top brands of summer shoes in 2019.


You usually spend days on your feet, not only your legs, but also your feet. You do not have the mood for orthopedic shoes and mainly do not fit your work or normal outfits? Then reach for the Crocs. Such Crocs slippers are subject to current fashion trends and are suitable for both sports outfits and skirts and dresses .

boty Crocs


Melissa shoes have literally scented in our shoe racks with their chewing scent over the years. Such Melissa sandals, slippers or flip flops in different colors and designs should not be missed this year in your summer shoes collection. In addition, most shoes have a memory inner insole, so you feel that they are actually on your feet or not. And, moreover, the sweet scent never goes away from them .

boty Melissa


That you already want to bury your feet in the sand and let them bathe with sea waves? Then we have a great tip for you. And that is the stylish Ipanema flip flops. This brand got its name thanks to the beach in the well-known Brazilian district of Rio de Janeiro - Ipanema Calçadão, which became famous among others   imaginative tiles, lining them. And the motif of this tile is reflected on all Ipanema shoes Ipanema flip-flops are also loved by world stars such as Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry and Kate Hudson.

Ipanema shoes

Rider and Grendha

If you are more of a sporting type, then you should definitely buy Rider's summer shoes. This brand also offers a lot of unisex models, so you can align yourself with your precious half. But you prefer to wear elegant or casual outfits, then put yourself in the Grendha brand . This brand features rich decor and elegant pieces. Both tags via said differences, however, have the common advantage because they are manufactured from a material which is not only flexible, lightweight and durable, but mainly it is 100% recyclable.

shoes Rider

Published by: Differenta Team

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