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5 Top Brands of Spring Shoes

  18. 03. 2019      From the fashion world

Spring is just round the corner! Together with spring are also coming new collections and brand new spring footwear. Which shoes and colours will be most trendy this warm season? Answers can be found right in this article! And we can tell you, spring will be dominated by sneakers. Let´s have a look at the 5 top brands of shoes that can´t be missing in your shoe rack.



Converse fashion brand is a clear choice for all those who enjoy the good old school classics. But that's not a general rule, in Differenta we're trying to select the most interesting fashion pieces and from our wide selection of Converse shoes will choose even a real fashion lover.


Converse Sneakers

Converse Sneakers


This year you can buy yourself not only Emu felt boots made of sheep leather and wool, but also Emu cotton spring shoes that we introduced to you in a previous article. Emu cotton shoes are high quality, lightweight and amazingly comfortable at the same time. There is sure no need to mention its timeless design, isn´t it?


slip on Emu

Emu sneakers


Fragrant plastic shoes? Amazingly comfortable, with a softened insole? Chic, adorned, immortal? That are Melissa shoes. The colours of the year are by Melissa shoes definitely old-pink and vanilla. And sandals or slide slippers lead over flats.


sandals Melissa

Melissa slippers

Tommy Hilfiger

The Tommy Hilfiger fashion brand represents absolutely unique sneakers. Metallic or, as it is called, ugly boots are a hot trend of this spring season. These sneakers are ideal footwear for real connoisseurs, so don´t hesitate and put them on.



sneakers Tommy Hilfiger

ankle boots Tommy Hilfiger


What about platform shoes or sporty design sneakers? Reach for the Desigual brand, because it will neither disappoint you nor your fantasy.


sneakers on the Desigual platform

Desigual sneakers

Published by: Differenta Team

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