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5 Top Brands of Shoes for Winter in Sale

  04. 03. 2019      From the fashion world

In stock we have a couple of winter bits that are so timeless that you can get them straight for the next season! And why now? They are in sales! When it is cold, it is necessary to have a fitted shoe. What if no shoes fall in your eyes in November and the cold will be around the corner? Heat from the legs is the foundation of the success of our health. On Different.cz, we have the most stylish winter pieces for you. We will introduce you the top 5 brands of winter boots you just have to have.


Emu Australia's favorite boules are a clear choice for all the hills, winter giants, but also for all who care for quality, comfort and timeless design. The Emu rags are, as you know, made of true sheepskin and wool. They isolate your legs from the winter, they regulate body heat, and you can walk calmly and barefoot even in the biggest frosts.

Emu shoes


Not over comfortable sneakers. The Converse brand also offers winter sneakers. Converse winter shoes are leather and also contain artificial fur, which is located all over the shoe. And so you do not even free your feet in the sneakers and you can enjoy your favorite sporty style even in the winter months.

Converse winter sneakers

Shoes Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Winter Shoes are the ultimate in style, we have selected some interesting pieces for you to match to all outfits. These timeless leather ankle boots are available in different colors at the eshop, so you really have to choose from.

winter leather boots Tommy Hilfiger


The Crocs brand has a snack that you will love not only for winter holidays but also for casual wear in the harsh winter months. They are warm, warm and comfortable. At our eshop, you can find them in more colors, so you can buy more pieces, the back, the various outfits.

Crocs shoes

Desigual boots

Even in winter, you do not have to miss your elegant "I". Choose from the Desigual winter boots and tune your winter outfit to perfection, this year's collection also features 3v1 scraped pieces, you can make boots or ankle boots, which just does not make a mistake.

Desigual Shoes

Published by: Differenta Team

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