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5 top bits by Klara

  30. 08. 2017      From the fashion world

We have another part of the series that bloggers advise! It's summer, a period that you can use to the fullest, whether sporting or festive. And because Klara is our favorite blogger, we've been telling her what products she thinks is the top one and she would most need it right now. Klara writes a blog about the world according to Klara and we like her style because we think it's a bit different. So let's take a look at what we recommend.

The world according to Klara

Desigual Sports Bag

This sports bag fell into my eye as soon as I saw her. It looks beautiful and also very spacious! Therefore, it is ideal for a pool, a fitness or a trip. The bag has a purple, striped base and is decorated with colorful floral motifs, which is exactly what I like. I really like how bulky it is!

Desigual sports bag

Women's hoodie Calvin Klein

Beautiful Calvin Klein sports sweatshirt ! Suitable for any sports underwear or just underwear from the same brand - stylishly. I really like the simplicity and the fact that the material is certainly very nice.

women's hoodie Calvin Klein

Women's leggings Calvin Klein

Beautiful leggings of the Calvin Klein brand, which I can use for sports or I can only bring them out. In addition, they have a choice of three sizes, and are super sampled according to the table. I have the size L and the tables are exact size. If you do not know your size, click on "Recommend Size".

women's leggings Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Brassieres

Stylish bra by Calvin Klein . The bra looks comfortably and it is totally God's. Just because it has wide shoulder straps that cross and look beautiful! The bra is black, but at the bottom it has a white rubber with the brand logo, which is perfect for combining different colored panties.

black bra Calvin Klein

I fell in love with one of Calvin Klein's bras and this is a black ladies style bra with white letters. I think he has an ideal cut, so he'll definitely sit right. I like such brassieres and I can definitely recommend them. It has wider straps that cross the back, and they also carry bigger busts.

Cal Calvin Klein Bra

Published by: Differenta Team

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