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4 tips for a stylish gift after Christmas

  10. 02. 2015      Outfit Tips

It's after Christmas. It's been a month, but still all the gifts are still piled up and enjoying them for 100%. But what about a celebratory who celebrates his birthday after this gift marathon? We have 5 smart solutions for you to enjoy.

Merry socks

Everybody has them, everyone needs them. You surely say that socks are not given as a gift, but we can convince you that these prejudices have already gone off. And thanks to the beautiful socks of Happy Socks. They make everybody happy and they are very comfortable. No bitter ankles of frost, but nice stylish warmth. Well, what do you call them?

happy-socks-socks-bd01-505 Color Socks Happy Socks

happy-socks-socks-ar01-073 Happy Socks Happy Socks

Bobble filter bottle

It is just after Christmas that everyone says they need to throw away. Starting to go to the gym often means first getting proper equipment and following the drinking regime. And that's exactly what you get when you donate the filter bottle. Not only the gifted person will look stylish, but will still drink water without chlorine and pollutants, which will only help keep him healthy and reach the required size. Now it matters only to his will.

filtering-lahev-bobble-sport-blue-075l Bobble filter bottle with carbon filter

filter-bottle-bobble-lavender-with-silicone-vicker Bobble filter bottle

Interesting wallet

The discounts on the first time have to go down to the store stylishly. And how else can I do this than with a new wallet? This argument will be understood by every fellow, and he will be glad to think of him and want him to look good. However, the wallet is a very important supplement you use everyday.

disaster-designs-penezenka-sykorky An interesting purse from Disaster Designs

scotchsoda-pansky-documentary Men's Scotch & Soda Document

Mug, diary or frame

If you're still undecided, we've got a couple of things for you that will make a smile on your face and the one who's got the most dreamed gift for Christmas and say he can not get it any better. For example, we have a stylish frame that suits every flat. And when you complete it together, it will be perfect. A cup from which, when the farewell is in the morning, he will surely remember you. Or a diary with which he will never forget anything important, such as meeting his love or his closest friends and family;

santoro-mug-we-can-all-shine Santoro London Design Mug

disaster-designs-note-block-with-love Stylish Notepad Disaster Designs

desigual-ramecek-small-round-frame-colors Desigual color photo frame

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