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3 ways to wear a scarf

  03. 05. 2017      From the fashion world

If you like scarves, we have some tips for you to wear a scarf. Not only there are a few ways of kneading around his neck, but there are also several ways to wear it. On Different TV you could watch the video 10 ways to tie the scarf.

But let's look at the ways we can still wear it. Like a headband or a turban, like a tunic or a belt.

You can wear a scarf around your waist to create a completely different outfit. Its fastening is very easy, just fold the scarf to the width you need and bind it on your back. This creates a very interesting effect.

How to tie a scarf

You can wear a scarf on your head, you can tie it in several ways. This is very effective and becoming, original and stylish. This style of turban is also worn much.

How to tie a scarf

Another way of wearing is the style of the blouse under which you take a simple top and the new outfit is in the world. It looks very effective and becoming.

How to tie a scarf

If you are looking for a scarf that you would like to do so much, go for the Desigual scarf that meets your needs as it is large and can be worn.

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