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12 Rules of Gentlemen to Follow!

  15. 06. 2018      From the fashion world

Gentleman. That's the word to fight! Gentlemen, let's admit one thing. Gentlemen will always love women. It seems, however, that the world is running less and less. It could be said that gentlemen have been exceptional in recent years and are DIFFERENT. The Gentlemen had earlier their rules, their order, which would make the world even better. And yet there are no miracles. Let's remind them and think ...

rules of gentlemen

1) Stand up when a woman enters the room

Previously, a man, when a woman entered the room, a prominent or elderly man rose to prove that he respects them most. To show some respect and humility. In today's over-technologized world, no one notices that much and looks at your smartphone as much as possible, but today is such an act in place. At the very least, you will prove service to yourself because you will develop more movement and make you happy not only for the person entering the room but also for your body. And if you twist your eyes in the column, you should get up at least when you come to the office at least.

2) Go next to the woman always closer to the road

At a time when there was not yet a sophisticated system of sewerage and sewage, the gentlemen in long coats learned to walk next to a woman always closer to the road. For one simple reason that the woman was not wacky when a horse carriage or a car passed through the puddle. Today, we could convert this situation rather than pushing it around some of the moving "nonsense" at 100 km of speed in its deluxe "kara", which might be trying to attract it.

3) Hold the door to the woman

Women had previously worn large bulky skirts , mostly with the hoops they had to hold when entering the carriage or entering the door. And so the man always opened the door to the woman and held it so that it would not be so complicated. What was previously, but still valid today, not only on the wedding day. Today, women wear skirts and dresses with hoops, but they wear skirts, short, swollen, so at least it is appropriate to open the car door and also to prevent the passers-by under the skirt from oblique.

4) Help the woman to the table

It was absolutely automatic that the man always helped the woman when she was sitting at the table. The woman was facing the room and the man always sat back to keep him from his priority - the woman did not distract anything. It is not in today's world where we have lunch or dinner at the TV, but what if you think about it, gentlemen?

5) Sit only after the woman is seated

It was commonplace before that the man sat down at the table waiting for his place before all the women who shared the table with him settled down. Nowadays it does not work so much, but you can still notice this gesture on Jan Kraus's show where Jan always waits until his guest stays and then he sits down.

6) Help the woman from or in the coat

Previously, women wore several layers of clothing and a very inconvenient corset under them. And so the man always helped the woman with dressing and stripping because of her limited movement. The corsets are not wearing them anymore, but it would still be good for a woman at least for a coat of help.

7) Go to the stairs always behind the woman

Because of the high heels and long dresses women usually wore, the men always walked up the stairs to the woman to prevent the woman from being injured and fall on the man. If a woman now needs a short minisukni, then this rule can be broken for known reasons.

8) Help the woman with bags

This rule does not apply to women's handbags . But even in some cases this can be understood.

9) Hold a woman's umbrella when it rains

When it rains, the gentleman holds an umbrella over a woman and does not mind it because it's not sugar.

10) Put on your jacket if you fall cold

If the gentleman saw the woman being a little cold, he immediately took off his jacket and offered it to her. This should also be common nowadays. And when you're not wearing a jacket, gentlemen, believe it does not feel like a men's sweatshirt .

11) Conduct a woman wherever she will need

Gentleman always accompanied the woman to the door or to the car to make sure she did not have to worry about it. Because there were no mobiles before they could write a smash. And also because of its security. Do it all the time, gentlemen, then your dear half will not send you the mess.

12) Do not even think in a dream that you would hit a woman

The gentleman would never, under any circumstances, ever dream of a woman.

Bottomline and underlining, time is constantly changing, evolving and we with it. Some of these things that were previously part of the lives of our ancestors are so common and clear to us. But sometimes it's good to think about making this world a bit nicer ...

Published by: Differenta Team

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