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Differenta DesignDifferenta Design

Differenta Design is our own brand, with which we are breaking the established fashion rules. A brand that isn´t afraid of joke and originality. We have all pieces in stock ✅ and with free shipping ✅! While wearing this brand everyone around you will ask: "Where can I buy it?". So if you are the person who rolls up his sleeves and goes head first into everything, our own Differenta Design brand is right for you. Don´t be afraid of making fun of life, because what would be life without laughter? Spend even a regular day dancing in pieces by Differenta Design as if it were the last day of your life. You only live once, so be original and different.
Life is sometimes complicated, but the right fashion piece can make it better. Have fun, laugh ... live.

  • limited edition
  • made in EU

    Differenta Design black

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